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Beyond capacity

Beyond Capacity, 2022

series of black and white c-print photography 

I have recently been thinking about post-humanism and fetishism towards body modification (whether as implanted machine or human-beings' relationship with portable devices).

This series of photos in one way came out quite randomly. it is my survey into my memory storage by picking out things of my fascination. 

Pleasure 41

Pleasure 41, 2019

series of black and white c-print photography work

extensions towards the artwork pieces made under the same title.

this B&W photography talks about an intimate relationship between dress and a feminine body.

intimate /

impulsive / 


landscapes and subjective memories 3

Landscapes and subjective memories_3, 2019, UK


the other day, 

I found randomly a photography of,

Coventry Church under reconstruction.

drawn by an unspeakable fascination,

I decided to pay a visit to the church myself.  

landscapes and subjective memories 2

Landscapes and subjective memories_2, 2018, UK

zing / digital

all images shot in London. 

Landscapes and subjective memories 1

Landscapes and subjective memories_1, 2016, JAPAN


all images shot in Japan.

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