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10 - 18 June 2023, Slade School of fine art

documentation photos by Lam pok Yin

In Threshold, Chaney Manshu Diao transforms the gallery space into an extracted scene from underground rave. Comprising of an immersive speaker wall installation, a large-scale DJ table-like sculpture, two light boxes, and a game that mapped upon the reality of the space, Threshold explores fetishism towards high bpm(speed) and intensified physical workouts relating to the idea of edging within the the narrative of hardcore rave and/or dance floor. Threshold also extends beyond the gallery space into a virtual game that mapped upon the physical install and a rave party with an expansive artistic interest upon power and consistency relating to varied sites and their history.  









sound installations, 10hr 1min 

Slade Occupied, poster 

Tease and Denial, a disfunctioned dec

steel, reinforce bar, decks, latex 


human stool, please sit

PVC, plywood


Video Game

documentation photos by Chaney Manshu Diao

Threshold begins with a large speaker wall installation - Bpm. Bpm - lasting 10 hours, which is the length of the gallery opening hours - is what Chaney considers as an archival mix from underground rave sonic aesthetic. Bpm archives Soundcloud tracks by DJs recently played at London local underground rave parties such as Guttering, Genesis, and Eastern Margins. Sound from those DJs were mixed with other DJs that have a sonic or aesthetic (in terms of album design) similarities. Throughout the 10 hr duration, the sonic aesthetic of the sounds mutates and the bpm of this mix progress from 90 to 200+. 

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 18.55.17.png

documentation photos by Chaney Manshu Diao

The tunnel surround by the speaker wall leads audiences to a DJ table sized sculpture - Tease and Denial, a disfunctioned dec. Tease and Denial, a disfunctioned dec is made from metal skeleton then covered in latex sheet and vacuumed. This piece plays on the idea of tension and pressure and was made in reference to a body horror aesthetic. This sculpture connects audience to the monstrous or even disruptive desires associate to hardcore rave scene which, together with the music, push bodies towards its (physical) limit.  

At the turning corner of the room lies a human shaped sculpture on the ground. human stool, please sit is a 3d printed piece printed out of the 3d scanned artist body. With the human body on the floor in a submissive position, the work brings attention back to the question of one’s internal and physical experience relating to raving, concerning queries towards flesh, body, and embodiment. 

This same 3d model of the scanned artist body was used within the game built of OCCLUDE - twining the same installation of two works within the gallery space. OCCLUDE is a collaboration piece between Freddie Sanders and Chaney Manshu Diao - a virtual simulation of the Slade School of Fine Arts that invites viewers to explore the space through video game interaction. The game twisted Slade’s historical and institutional reputation into an alternative present, where the long-abandoned art school had become host to a queer sex club. Whilst making the work challenges ideas around access, identity, queer and rave culture.


OCCLUDE also expand Chaney’s artistic interest on power and subversion beyond body in association to space and site-specific history. Since the first display of OCCLUDE at Slade, the game has traveled to additional spaces. Both Freddie and Chaney are increasingly interested in extending the piece in relation to the spaces it inhabited. 

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