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"inhale, at the gateway. Air enters, your lung, oxygen enters, your blood, your head overloaded" studies a transhuman relationship between human and technology within the context of late and/or post capitalist art making. When artist’s body today becomes the capacity and the currency of art production in facing epistemological acceleration which gains direct interface with technology and socio-political realities, enormous amount of anxiety and stress was experienced. The consumption of human intelligence and biological labour in age of acceleration may result to a species-wide suicide or fusion that serves merely as planetary capacity to facilitate a technological apotheosis. At the same time, the impulsion of this felt drive is rather sexual, desirable, and fetishised.


With a visual reference to the Si-Fi body horror genre, especially early David Cronenberg and Tetsuo, this work explores the influx of techno into bio with photographical experimentations of bridging contacts between ‘synthetic’ and ‘organic’, whether as surfaces or images. 

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Images ©ChaneyDiao

Installed at Safehouse 2, themed group exhibition at the edge of the safe house.

Curated by Dannie Zhong, Rae Zhao, Wenxuan Chen. 

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