Clothes, the Persona,

true self, self ?

" It would seem that the body is the fatal adversary of our imaginations; the time-honored Greek separation of body and mind. Our fantasies about ourselves can have a force that is highly imaginative, but in reality our image is simply that of our body. This is inevitable. There is also evidence of a separation, or tension, between body, and mind ( in fashion)"

Beirendonck, W.V. (2001). Fashion 2001 Landed Vol.1

" Our era prefers the image to the thing, the copy to the original, the representation to the reality, appearance to being. "

Debord. society of the spectacle.

What fashion is
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" In all instances, the individual proclaims to himself that he is not what he outwardly appears to be (...) The innermost closet self is fantasy made safe by an outer anchorage of convention and respectability. "

Joseph. N (1995). "layers of signs." pp 80-85