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Chaney’s final year collection: Pleasure 41 is a conceptual project about the kinky relationship between people and dress. Her work explored the historical norms and restrictions of proper dress to reveal the obscure sexual pleasure of corporeal discipline.

The initial idea was highly influenced by the designer's previous collective experience in china, where individuality and her homosexual-identity have caused issues and confusions. however, it also provided her with the root to grow her own sexual fetish towards disciplines.  

Chaney’s work also aims to bring up diversity towards nowadays fashion language, and to revive the craftsmanship in her making process.

Chaney will continue her practice in MA. She will continue her research around female sexuality, gendered issue, politics and pleasure

"Based on my own experience, I see clothes as restrictions towards human, both physically and mentally. some identical clothes, a military uniform for instance, exerts a psychological influence by giving the wearer the feeling of having to be obedient to a higher-ranking individual or authority. In my work Pleasure 41 especially, I was seeking for a balance in order to translate these non-physical restrictions caused by clothes into an obscure sexual pleasure, by following a generalized mentally Sadomasochism’s pattern. I believe my work is a frank reflection of gender and sexuality issues rooted in my cultural background. And it is a hidden message of showing the politics of expectations on human’s social appearance."

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